Valuation - Sale or Return

Are you keen to rid yourself of your car? Do you yearn for an upgrade? If the answer is ‘yes’ to both of those questions, why not sell your car to Chequers Motor Company?

We are always looking for high-quality used vehicles to add to our used car range. Quite often we are searching for specific models and it might just be that you have exactly what we are looking for, as we often want to replenish our stock. By selling your car to us we can assure you that you will have a hassle free process and can guarantee that you will be paid immediately.

If your car is in the right condition, then we will happily give you the quoted price and in many instances a higher offer is given once we’ve been able to appraise your car on site. Vehicles will only be purchased where you are the legal owner, supported by the correct V5 documentation and once a full appraisal has been completed. Whatever you choose to do once you have received your quote, you will receive the highest standards of care from our knowledgeable sales team.

Get in touch today to find out more and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members.

At Chequers Motor Company we know that selling your car can be a real challenge. Therefore to save you the stress of selling your current car, we offer a sale or return service to our customers across Hampshire & Surrey. We are experts at selling cars – after all it’s what we do!

Essentially, we treat your car as if it was one of our vehicles. We prepare, advertise and sell it – all on your behalf. In return a £1,500 fee if your vehicle is valued at under £20,000 and £2000 fee if it is worth over £20,000. Using our vast online channels and professional sales approach, we get far more leads than you would selling privately, increasing its selling potential as well as your end return

What is included:

Valeting - Professionally clean your car to our highest standards ready for our sale or return process

Photography - Take many professional photographs of your car making it more attractive to potential buyers and highlight it's USP's

Video - Produce a short highlights video of the car which is uploaded to our website as well as Auto Trader & YouTube

360 Spin's - Produce a 360 spin of the interior and exterior of the car so prospective buyers can have a complete walk around the car prior to visiting us

Marketing - Market your car via various online platforms such as AutoTrader, Find and Fund my Car, Car Gurus plus several more

Flexible viewings - Deal with any potential clients directly and offer them flexible viewing times 6 days a week to ensure we don’t miss out on a potential sale

Manage the Sale - Negotiate the sale on your behalf from beginning to end, saving you the stress and worry of doing it yourself


Most of our customers choose to deal with motor traders over private sellers for a number of key reasons. Nowadays there is a lot more expectation on the service offered from a dealer and the protection that comes with the sale and customers usually require several services private individuals simply cannot offer.

What we offer:

Finance - We are directly regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority and can subsequently offer a range of finance options to potential clients to aid the sale of your car. With nearly 70% of people financing a used vehicle in the UK, we feel that this is an essential part to our sales process

Part Exchange – Around 60% of customers that come to us have a vehicle they want to part exchange. When you're selling privately, if you cannot take part exchanges, then you are quite possibly losing out on this huge audience

Warranty – Chequers Motor Company include a industry leading comprehensive warranty on every vehicle we sell that falls outside of the manufactures guarantee. After all used cars are typically someone’s second biggest purchase (behind a house) so most want to make sure they are protected with a comprehensive warranty and their consumer rights

Since 2011, we have sold many cars via this service and many clients have sold their car for more then they thought they would get, using our Sale or Return process. Which is backed up by our reviews and photos, So why not give us a go.